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  • RD350 Yamaha

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Army Bike

  The army bike showed another side to the H ?i?n Bike system – the wheel Yamaha can be one sided. The MOD bike had a quick change wheel which potentially could also have been interchangeable front to rear. For enduro work it was possible to change the front inner tube without removing the wheel […]

RD350 Yamaha

  After H Bike, Design we built several other racing machines, though the closest we ever got to a true racing engine was in the 3rd bike which had cheap jerseys China an RD350 Yamaha engine, this was our favourite bike. This machine performed well in the Branding hands of Ray Knight, Mat Oxley and […]

H Bike Design

  Designed in the mid 70’s from wholesale jerseys ideas worked out with a bent coat hanger nailed to a piece of wood, the first parts were made just to test the function. Later they found wheels in a scrap yard and made it movable so it could be pushed 10 down a hill to […]