Beating The Competition – It’s Not Really That Hard

I have had many positive responses during the last week and some have even told me that they’ve managed to get there domain and hosting no problem thanks to the guides written in the previous posts.

However, I have received some emails that have much more negative tones. Not aggressive tones but fearful ones. In that although they are confident about getting onto the web, they’re worried abouts their competitors getting onto the web and stealing their customers.

On the surface that sounds like a very valid concern but here’s something very strange that I’ve discovered.

Competition in most areas is VERY weak

Yes its true. Despite the fact that we’re in awful economic times and everyones worried about how it’s going to effect their business. Most so-called business people still don’t get even the most basic things right.

Let me give you an example. Yesterday at lunch time I decided to get lunch at a pub restaurant, I ended up at a place I’ve never been before (and will never go again) because I always like to visit new places. Well when I entered, the surrounding look quite aesthetically pleasing (and expensive), then I had to decide where to sit so I picked a table near the window. I looked around and there was maybe a little over ten customers there. But there were quite a few staff.

I proceeded to wait at my table for someone to take my order. After a while I started to get impatient so I asked one of the waitresses and she quite rudely told me that I was to order at the bar. Now I know that many places do that but they normally tell you on the menu or somewhere that you need to do it that way. I went up to bar and saw a sign saying food order point in ridiculously small letters, if you had a microscope with you, you may have just about seen it.

I ordered my food and waited at my table. Well after waiting for just under an hour I went up and asked the barman who (just a rudely as the waitress) told me I needed to be patient as they were busy. No, they weren’t. About ten minutes later, my food came out. No apology. No, “I hope you enjoy your meal”. I just put my plate down and walked away. The food was very bland and underwhelming, it was okay but certainly not worth the wait or the rudeness.

All in all they had spent a tonne of money making the place look nice but still did nothing to make sure their customers have a great experience and come back again. What would you have done differently if you ran a pub (some of you already do). Its really not rocket science is it.

They should require their staff to be more polite, make it clear for there customers about what to do and make getting the food out a high priority. Simple.

Well, the same goes for websites. I’ve checked out many of the Dorset business website’s out there and let me tell you something. The vast majority are absolutely pathetic and what’s more they probably paid some website developer £1000s to create it. What a waste. Well if you follow my advice on this blog you will be able to create upload a great website for peanuts or even for nothing in some cases and your competition won’t even stand a chance.

You don’t need to go that extra mile. Sometimes, just the extra inch is enough. In future posts, I will be covering the aspects of standing out from the competition. Even if they have a much larger budge

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